Baron Cycles offer a 2-year manufacturer's warranty on all wheels purchased online or via our retail stores. Each wheel is meticulously tested by our manufacturer prior to leaving the factory and then again after being built. 

Baron Cycles Warranty


Any manufacturing default that may become evident during normal riding

Exclusions which void warranty:

  • Crashes, accidents and normal wear and tear
  • Misuse which may include off-road riding, jumping, trick riding, Cyclocross, etc 
  • Modification of wheels, improper assembly, installation of parts or accessories not originally intended for, or not compatible with the wheelsets when sold 
  • Tyre pressure exceeding recommendation (130psi), improper follow up maintenance by an unauthorized technician and rider exceeding recommended weight (95kgs)
  • Damage or deterioration on the surface finish or appearance which has no effect on the function 
  • Use of any other brake pads other than Swiss Stop Carbon specific Brake Pads
  • Damages caused by natural disaster
  • Consequential and incidental damage

* Please note that items such as brake pads, tyres, tubes and other such items are not covered by the warranty

Warranty Process
If you believe you have a warranty claim please complete the enquiry form We will ensure the wheel is assessed as soon as possible to avoid any inconvenience. A warranty claim can take up to 4 weeks to turn around depending on the course of action – we will ensure we keep you abreast of the progress at all times. We will endeavor to provide you a demo set of wheels, but cannot guarantee they will be available. 

Warranty cost
If Baron Cycling approves a warranty claim there is no charge which includes the labour associated to rebuild a faulty wheel. The cost of shipping to Baron Cycling for a warranty claim must be covered by the claimant. Baron Cycling covering the cost to send the wheels back to the claimant at the completion of the warranty claim.

Crash replacement
We want you to get back riding as soon as possible if you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a crash. Please click here to make a crash replacement claim. If approved, a replacement set of wheels will be supplied at 30% of our RRP per our website at the time of completing the claim.

Non transferrable
Note that our warranty is non transferrable and only available to the original purchases of the product only with a valid receipt.

If Baron Cycling sells any demo wheels sets, we will ensure the integrity of the wheels by having them checked prior to sale and offer a limited 1 year warranty.

NOTE: Baron Cycling has the absolute discretion of changing and updating their warranty policy at any time without notice